SolAero Technologies Corp. is a leading provider of solar cells, solar panels and composite structures to satellite and spacecraft OEMs. SolAero holds over 100 active patents and its space solar cells hold the global record for efficiency. The Company’s sales are channeled into the following products and capabilities (i) Multi-Junction Space Solar Cells: solar cells convert solar energy into electricity, enabling on-orbit power generation, (ii) Covered Interconnected Space Solar Cells (“CICs”): CICs are integrated assemblies consisting of solar cells, interconnected to a bypass diode and covered by protective cover glass in order to mitigate space radiation damage, (iii) Space Solar Panels: solar panels are fully assembled, electrically connected groups of CICs mounted onto lightweight substrates ready for array and spacecraft integration, (iv) Sponsored R&D Programs: SolAero is a leader in technical services supporting government and customer-funded R&D for advanced space power research and engineering services and (v) Composite Structures: space composite structures are precision satellite structures made of lightweight composite and metallic components critical for housing electronics, propulsion and power subsystems on commercial and military satellites. SolAero is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM and also has a facility in Los Alamitos, CA.

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